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  • Dr. Kristi Cole

Community Support: Enhancing Learning & Outcomes for Scholars

With the end of the school year upon us, it seems like just the right time to say THANK YOU to the staff, parents, non-profit and business partners and community members who have supported TLA throughout our second year of operation. Working together, we are creating a community that supports scholars in preparing to achieve their dreams and live a choice-filled life.

What Community Support Looks Like

There is no one “right” way to support TLA. One of the most beautiful aspects of the support that we receive from individuals, families and organizations is that it comes from different corners of our community and each contribution is uniquely different.

In some cases, support for TLA is the gift of time. The sharing of time, skills and experience is an incredibly valuable gift in its impact on scholars and staff. The gift of volunteering can take many different forms:

  • Chaperoning a fieldtrip.

  • Reading in a primary classroom.

  • Mentoring a scholar who may be struggling or who may have specific interests.

  • Participating in a business panel with scholars interested in your career and career path.

  • Hosting a job shadow opportunity for scholars.

  • Providing support during/for school activities and events.

In other cases, support for TLA is the gift of material supplies. Whether extra office or classroom supplies, age-appropriate gift cards and merchandise that can be used as incentive rewards or equipment that can be used in one of our labs, we are incredibly appreciative of the community’s generosity. On occasion, we have a scholar or two in need of a uniform item or shoes in order to maintain compliance with the school dress code. We are blessed to have community members who seamlessly provide support to address some of these needs through TLA’s participation in the Purposity app, available through the Apple store or Google Play.

And finally, support for TLA can also come in the form of the gift of a financial contribution. Each and every contribution is meaningful and donations can be designated for a specific item/use or donated at the discretion of TLA leadership. We are blessed to have support from a number of generous donors in our community that help us bridge the operations gap between the per pupil payment provided to TLA by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and our approved annual operating budget. We do, however, still have a need to raise funds to support activities like the purchase of equipment and materials used within the school’s specialty labs. Currently, we are seeking contributions toward equipping our new advanced manufacturing lab. The knowledge, skills and experience scholars will gain utilizing industry-standard equipment in this lab will be immediately transferable to employment within the manufacturing sector upon graduation.

Thank You

We are incredibly grateful for the support TLA receives from the community. Your valuable contributions of time, materials and funds make it possible for scholars to explore and enrich their learning, development and aspirations through fieldtrips, technology, incentives, equipment and participation in school events and extracurricular activities. Your support for these activities - things beyond the basics – enhances the learning and outcomes for TLA scholars. It is an incredible gift that is so very appreciated!

Dr. Kristi Cole is the Chief Education Officer at The Lincoln Academy, a K4-12 independent, 2x charter school in Beloit, Wisconsin.



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