Board of Directors

The formal Governing Board for The Lincoln Academy has not yet been established.  The Lincoln Academy Launch Team will serve as the initial nominating committee for the Board of Directors.

The Lincoln Academy Launch Team is involved in activities associated with school start-up including selection of school leadership, charter application approval, building plans, school policy formulation and family/scholar outreach.  Launch Team members include:

  • First Lady Lahoma Anderson

  • Pastor Sherrick Anderson

  • Gerry Behan

  • Scott Bierman

  • Kim Bliss

  • Pastor Dannie Evans

  • Lisa Furseth

  • Rob Gerbitz

  • Diane Hendricks

  • Yvette Hereford

  • David McCoy, Treasurer

  • Tim McKevett, Vice Chair

  • Gaby Rojas

  • Mark Smith

  • Joe Stadelman

  • J’Juan Winfield

The Governing Board will oversee operation of The Lincoln Academy and will be formed no later than the Spring of 2021.  Board members will be selected to ensure the Governing Board has the individual and collective skills to oversee The Lincoln Academy during the first years of operation.  Terms for the initial Governing Board will be staggered three-year terms so that one-third of member terms expire annually.   

The Lincoln Academy Governing Board Description

The Lincoln Academy Governing Board Member Description

The individual and collective skills prioritized for Board Members on the inaugural governing board align with key objectives for the school during start-up and the first five years of operation.  These include:

  • Proven and respected leaders from among diverse stakeholder groups including representatives from business, community, neighborhood and faith-based organizations

  • Accounting and/or financial management experience

  • Prior governance experience including prior leadership on a Governing Board

  • Human relations/personnel recruitment and management

  • Executive/organizational leadership

  • Law

  • Teaching and/or educational leadership

  • Parents, guardians and/or engaged grandparents


Additionally, Governing Board Members should be prepared to commit to the following expectations:

  • Regular attendance at meetings

  • Prepare and participate in Board activities

  • Review meeting materials, ask questions and stay informed

  • Provide honest input based on personal experience and listen to the input of others

  • Actively work to develop relationships with other members of The Lincoln Academy Governing Board

  • Be respectful of diverse perspectives and willing to accept disagreement as a part of healthy discussion

  • Consider the interest of the school as a whole and support decisions made by The Lincoln Academy Governing Board

  • Act as a community ambassador and endorse The Lincoln Academy both informally and in official settings

  • Serve as a role model for The Lincoln Academy scholars

Key Responsibilities of the Governing Board will correspond to the operation and fiscal affairs of The Lincoln Academy, including but not limited to:

  • Setting the enrollment and grade-level configuration for The Lincoln Academy

  • Approval of annual school budget, calendar, salary schedules and major fundraising events

  • Approval of all financial policies that set the processes and controls for contracts, expenditures and internal control

  • Approval of bylaws, resolutions and Board policies

  • Approval of all contract changes to The Lincoln Academy to be submitted as necessary in accordance with applicable law

  • Participation as necessary in dispute resolution

  • Reviewing overall scholar performance

  • Supporting and evaluating the CEO of the organization

  • Monitoring the performance of The Lincoln Academy and taking necessary action to ensure that the school remains true to its mission, vision and charter

  • Monitoring the fiscal solvency of The Lincoln Academy

  • Participation in an annual independent fiscal audit

  • Participation as necessary in scholar expulsion matters pursuant to The Lincoln Academy policy

  • Oversee the development of the strategic plan and monitor progress on the plan

  • Increasing public awareness of The Lincoln Academy

Please click below if you are interested in more information or being considered for the Governing Board.  

The Kids First Beloit Governing Board Meeting

Thursday, February 4th, 2021 9:30-11:00AM

The Lincoln Academy Main Conference Room

55 Eclipse Center, Beloit, Wisconsin

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