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Industry & Employer Partnerships

As scholars enter our middle and high grades, they have the opportunity to take advantage of the most innovative aspect of our education environment;  a career curriculum that combines industry and education experts, on the job experience, entrepreneurial practice and skill building and technical education in a unique school/career partnership that offers each scholar a clear path to professional choices, economic opportunity and personal independence. This curriculum offers our scholars a one-of-a-kind education experience.

Career pathways scholars may choose to explore:

  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

  • Architecture & Construction

  • Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

  • Business Management & Administration

  • Education & Training

  • Finance

  • Government & Public Administration

  • Health Science

  • Hospitality & Tourism

  • Human Services

  • Information Technology

  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

  • Manufacturing

  • Marketing

  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Parents as Partners

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We understand that parents are vital to the success of our school.  Our parents and community members are key to fulfilling our mission. Parents and guardians are welcomed in our school and will be active participants in their child’s learning every step of the way.


Before the start of the school year, all parents and guardians attend an annual orientation detailing their role in fostering the school culture. We hold parents to high expectations and clearly communicate our needs as a school. Parents and guardians are expected to sign a Family Contract that outlines their responsibilities throughout the school year and that outlines our responsibilities to them. 

Parents and guardians must attend all parent/teacher conferences and communicate regularly with classroom teachers. We understand that it is our responsibility to create a school calendar that facilitates that participation. Parents and guardians receive daily communication through our homework system which requires them to sign a tracker acknowledging that their son or daughter has completed homework. Teachers communicate daily feedback on a scholar's academic and character development through this tracker.

We create opportunities for parents and guardians to volunteer at the school for a variety of activities, and events are planned monthly to welcome parents and guardians into the school and provide valuable support, resources and community building.  Our Parent Leadership Council meets monthly and provides feedback to our leadership team.  We administer family satisfaction surveys at mid-year and end-of-year to all parents and guardians. We hold ourselves accountable to ensuring our parents and guardians are satisfied with the education their scholars are receiving.

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Community Partnerships

The Lincoln Academy partners with a  variety of community organizations in support of our scholars, families, staff and community.

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Educational Partnerships

For those scholars who identify a career pathway that includes four-year college training, we offer the opportunity to complete college preparatory coursework at The Lincoln Academy. There will be several Advanced Placement (AP) classes available, and to ensure our scholars have the opportunity to enroll in a wide variety of not only advanced high school coursework but college courses as well, we have built a strategic set of partnerships with Blackhawk Technical College, Beloit College, UW-Whitewater and others.  All scholars, regardless of post-secondary pathway, will be required to have work-based experiences in order to graduate, helping them gain critical skills for the future and demonstrating the connectedness between rigorous coursework and career preparation.

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