School Culture

Character Development

The Lincoln Academy builds character development into the culture of the school and provides opportunities for scholars to explore ways they can uniquely contribute to the world around them.  Scholars and teachers learn not only the names and meanings of character virtues but display them in the school’s thinking, attitudes and actions. Character virtues are reinforced everywhere: on the playing fields, in classrooms, in corridors, interactions between teachers and scholars, in assemblies, on posters, in teacher messages and communications, staff training and in relations with parents. The Lincoln Academy develops confident and compassionate successful learners and citizens.

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Building a Culture of Joy

The Lincoln Academy maintains a unique educational program built on a culture of joy, community, academic preparation and a daily focus on making choices and exploring the opportunities and careers available beyond high school. For our primary school scholars, we build a culture of joy and community as soon as scholars enter the school, and we provide a daily experience that celebrates their unique and diverse cultures and respects them as individuals. We create an environment where it is safe for scholars to make mistakes.

In our secondary school, we build a culture of trust and respect that appropriately allows young adults the freedom to be themselves, within a set of expectations that are established by the community. Across all grades, we believe scholars will rise to the expectations we set, and we hold ourselves accountable to giving them all the supports that they need to meet those expectations.