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The Lincoln Academy Honor Roll

BELOIT—Grade 9 scholars at The Lincoln Academy who were named to the third quarter honor roll are:

3.4—3.74 GPA

Timotay Althaus, Grayson Arn, Taylor Bennett, Yomaira Corcino De Los Santos, Kemoria Haley, Camryn Harding, Oscar Hernandez, Layla Murry, Criz Oropeza, Hannah Pankhurst and Rafael Ramos.

3.75—4.0 GPA

Theo Felger, Britney Froehlich, Vito Gabriele, Evelyn Hayward, Emma Hersey, James Hodge, Ciata Jester, Katie McKearn, Madelyn McKillips, Emma Najdowskik, Madeline Schulz and Lillian Stadelman.

The Lincoln Academy Honor Roll
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