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  • Dr. Kristi Cole

Welcome Back to School!

The first day of school has come and gone, with the red carpet we roll-out to welcome scholars to their school returned to storage until the next first day of school. The message of the red carpet, “you, scholars, are important and learning should be celebrated!” is a message we strive to keep alive all schoolyear long. How do we do that? By making sure we are putting children first in all decisions that we make. The 2023-2024 school year brings some new and exciting opportunities and as we made decisions about each of these, scholar needs and impact were firmly at the forefront.

New Construction

As many of you are aware, we embarked on a major construction project last spring that both finished out some of the empty shell space on the south and east sides of the building that was part of our initial construction and added on to the building to support the creation of a stand-alone cafeteria and other new spaces. The new cafeteria has been very well received by scholars. Filled with plenty of light and a few different seating options, this space provides a much-improved environment for lunch break while also allowing for full use of the gymnasium at the same time.

Expanded Learning

Equally as exciting as the new cafeteria are the other new spaces that have opened up to scholars and staff. These allow for greater learning opportunities for all age groups and for expanded functionality related to learning, after-school activities and designated staff meeting space as our school population continues to grow. The new spaces include:

  • A new Design lab on the lower level.

  • A new weight room off the gym.

  • A middle school Science lab, a large multipurpose room, an additional special education classroom, and designated meeting/workspace for staff on the second floor; and

  • An expanded Medical Services lab, an Advanced Manufacturing lab, an Esports lab and a designated NJROTC classroom on the third floor.

The variety of opportunities each of these spaces will provide to scholars to enrich and expand their learning and development are limitless. We can’t wait to see what scholars can accomplish in these new spaces!

More Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Each of the last two years we have worked hard to offer and grow opportunities for scholars of all ages be involved in extra-curricular activities and have access to expanded learning opportunities in the community. This year, we are excited to be able to offer more Club opportunities for younger and older scholars (First Lego League, Daisies, Esports, Intramurals) as well as Homecoming and Prom.

This will also be our first year offering our high school Juniors the opportunity to participate in youth apprenticeships; school and work-based learning designed to provide career-focused hands-on learning and mentoring at an employer workplace. We are thrilled to be able to offer this next step in supporting our scholars in exploring their career interests and in getting a jump-start in preparation for graduation.

2023-2024 promises to be a busy and exciting year. We appreciate your support as we continue to grow and develop; always putting children first.

Dr. Kristi Cole is the Chief Education Officer at The Lincoln Academy, a K4-12 independent 2x charter school in Beloit, Wisconsin.



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