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  • Dr. Kristi Cole

The Secret Sauce: Our Staff

The week of May 6th–10th is Staff Appreciation Week at The Lincoln Academy.  To be clear, we are thankful every single day for the passion and hard work staff put in to support scholars in learning, exploring, and growing into the amazing and accomplished people they are and will continue to become.  We try hard to create an environment in which staff feel valued and appreciated in big and small ways throughout the year, but this week is a special time when we like to celebrate our staff loudly and joyously as a school community.

The Work is Hard

Like so many schools across the nation, TLA is navigating a world in which there is a significant teacher shortage.  As if this isn’t challenge enough, at TLA we look for teachers and staff that are mission-aligned, laser-focused on putting scholars first and willing to go the extra mile, whether that’s a longer school day, greater focus on classroom coaching, or working collaboratively at every grade-level to integrate character and career exploration into everyday learning. This work extends beyond the classroom and involves everyone from the teachers/educational assistants to custodians, cafeteria, administrative, operations and security staff.

A commitment at this level is not for everyone.  It is incredibly hard work to ensure learning as well as bringing joy, smiles, hugs, and feelings of safety, self-confidence, and accomplishment to every scholar every day.  Passionate teachers and staff make the effort, put in the time (so many hours), and have so much care for how it all gets done.  It is part of the secret sauce of TLA, and none of it is easy.

Thank You

Sometimes simple and straightforward is the best way to show appreciation.  So while our school community (scholars, families, Parent Leadership Council and leadership teams) will be celebrating and showing appreciation to our staff in a number of ways this week, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to our staff for the innumerable hours they put in to create a school community we all want to come to each day to learn, grow, celebrate accomplishments, and joyfully support scholars in achieving their potential on the path to a bright future with choice-filled lives.  Thank you for your passion. Thank you for the incredibly hard work.  Thank you for bringing the joy!  And thank you for always, always putting scholars first.  Happy Staff Appreciation Week!  TLA staff - YOU are the secret sauce that makes TLA the premier K-12 charter school in the nation!  Go Lions!  ROAR!

Dr. Kristi Cole is the Chief Education Officer at The Lincoln Academy in Beloit. Wisconsin.



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