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  • Is The Lincoln Academy part of the Beloit School District?
    The Lincoln Academy is an independent, public charter school. TLA is not part of the Beloit School District. It has its own Board of Directors and makes independent decisions about how to serve scholars and families.
  • Who can apply to attend The Lincoln Academy?
    As a public charter school, The Lincoln Academy is a public school in every sense of the word. Any scholar with Wisconsin residency is welcome to apply and eligible to attend. There are no admission requirements and charter schools are tuition-free. Parents cannot be charged for their scholars to attend.
  • Can children with special needs attend this school?
    Yes, as a tuition-free public charter school, The Lincoln Academy is committed to diversity and serving all scholars, including scholars with special needs and English Learner (EL) scholars.
  • How do you determine who attends The Lincoln Academy?
    Any student with Wisconsin residency is welcome to apply and eligible to attend The Lincoln Academy. If the school receives more applications than there are seats available, a public random lottery is used to determine enrollment for those seats as well as waitlist order.
  • How many scholars does the school serve?
    During 2022-2023, The Lincoln Academy is enrolling scholars in K4-3rd and 6th-10th grades. There are two classrooms in each grade with 25 scholars per classroom. In the 2023-2024 school year, the school will enroll scholars in K4-4th and 6th-11th grades. For the 2024-2025 school year and beyond, The Lincoln Academy will enroll scholars in K4-12th grades with a total enrollment of 700 scholars.
  • Are younger scholars separated from older scholars in the building?
    There is a separation of grade levels with classrooms for K4-4th grade located on the first floor, 5th-8th grade classrooms located on the second floor and classrooms for 9th-12th grades on the third floor. There are some opportunities for common space usage, but with expectations of supervision and scheduling to ensure scholars are supporting each other in their community and representing themselves with high expectations. There are opportunities for middle and high school scholars to support our younger scholars and act as role models and mentors.
  • How long is the school day/school year?
    The school day is 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The Lincoln Academy school year will typically align with the traditional Beloit Public School calendar, with extra days added at the beginning of the school year.
  • Is there transportation?
    Yes, transportation is provided for scholars residing more than one mile from the school and within the City of Beloit.
  • How do you ensure scholars master skills?
    Outstanding educators, focused curriculum and strong professional development is the starting point of ensuring scholars master skills. There is regular review of individual scholar data, and re-teaching takes place when scholars need extra support or time to learn a skill. Response to Intervention (RTI) is used when necessary to provide more intense support to scholars in need.
  • Does The Lincoln Academy have social promotion?
    No. There is no social promotion at The Lincoln Academy. Scholars are expected to be fully ready for the upcoming grade.
  • How do you set expectations?
    A culture of high expectations related to both school culture and academics is a clear focus at The Lincoln Academy. There is a family handbook that ensures all parents and scholars are clear on the expectations prior to enrolling. Expectations are reviewed periodically with support from the Parent Leadership Council and the school leadership team.
  • Do you teach financial literacy, technical education, college prep courses, etc.?
    Yes, financial literacy, technical education and college prep courses are offered. The Lincoln Academy has a rigorous curriculum with many career options, such as: Bioscience, Technology, Business, Engineering, Trades, Fine Arts, Medicine, Healthcare and Human Services. There will be Advanced Placement courses as well.
  • Are there dual enrollment options for scholars?
    Yes, dual enrollment options are available for scholars.
  • Do scholars have access to hands-on learning in the community?
    Yes, there will be opportunities for job shadowing, internships and apprenticeships to ensure scholars have access to hands-on learning.
  • How does The Lincoln Academy address character early to avoid behavior issues later? How is classroom disruption, bullying and safety handled? Is there a discipline policy?
    Character education is infused in the curriculum starting in K4. Every day there are explicit character education skills and values taught during the proactivity time. The classroom is the most important place in the school. There are clear classroom management strategies that provide proactive measures to limit classroom disruptions. However, in the event a classroom disruption occurs, it will be handled with expediency to ensure learning and teaching are not interrupted. Bullying will not be tolerated and will be addressed immediately by teachers and administration. The safety of our scholars and staff comes first, and we will have clear expectations in place regarding safety. There will be a strict visitor policy and technology support that will serve in ensuring our scholars and staff are safe. The Lincoln Academy has a clear discipline policy in place. While the goal is to create a positive, supportive, and academically rigorous environment to limit disruptions, there will be times when disciplinary measures will be necessary.
  • How does the community know how well scholars at The Lincoln Academy are doing?
    The Lincoln Academy is required to administer all the same tests and assessments as all other public schools. TLA will receive a rating through the Department of Public Instruction Accountability system and if it does not perform at a high level, it can be closed by the Office of Educational Opportunity (OEO).
  • How do you create an environment of community and connectedness?
    Joy factor is an important part of The Lincoln Academy. Scholars and their families will feel they are part of the community by regular communication and celebration. Each day there is a morning assembly. We gather as a community at The Lincoln Academy regularly to ensure all scholars, staff and families are part of the activities. Communication is clear and consistent to help build connectedness.
  • Are parents and families welcome to be involved?
    Absolutely! Parents and family members are an integral part of every scholar’s success. The Lincoln Academy welcomes support from families through activities such as: volunteering, participating in fieldtrips, cheering at sporting/after school events, attending parent/teacher conferences and participating on the Parent Leadership Council. Parents or guardians, scholars and staff are expected to sign a compact which commits them to specific expectations as a member of The Lincoln Academy.
  • How do you communicate with parents?
    Every evening parents receive a folder or agenda that comes to them to see what is happening during the school day. Parents are responsible for signing off to show they read the information. Parents also receive weekly school newsletters and communication through emails, texts and phone calls when needed. Teachers have open lines of communication with families to ensure every scholar is supported.
  • Is the administration structure supportive and reactive to teachers and parents?
    Yes, administrators are expected to be responsive to teachers and parents. They provide support and prompt communication. They also hold scholars, teachers and parents accountable for following the mission of The Lincoln Academy.
  • Who is in charge of The Lincoln Academy?
    The Lincoln Academy is managed by its local non-profit Board of Directors, and all decisions about classroom instruction, staff and school culture are made at the school level by the Chief Education Officer. ​ Dr. Kristi Cole is the Chief Education Officer for The Lincoln Academy. Dr. Cole is responsible for overseeing educational programming and operations for the school. ​ For more information on Dr. Cole, CLICK HERE
  • How is The Lincoln Academy funded?
    As an Office of Educational Opportunity (OEO) authorized charter school, The Lincoln Academy is funded directly by the State of Wisconsin. For 2021-2022, all scholars enrolled in The Lincoln Academy, except those who have never previously enrolled in a school (such as students entering K4, home schooled or attended a private school), will be counted as enrolled in the Beloit School District, and the State will allocate the full per pupil amount of $10,039. Before distributing that money to the School District of Beloit, the State of Wisconsin will reduce the District aid allotment by $9,201 for each scholar enrolled in The Lincoln Academy and send that money directly to The Lincoln Academy. ​ The School District of Beloit is allowed to keep the difference if needed, currently $838 per child, even though those children do not attend school in the district. ​ The School District of Beloit will not receive the full aid allotment. However, the District will continue counting these scholars and receive the per pupil revenue limit for the duration of time they are enrolled at The Lincoln Academy and partially for three additional years after they leave. District students not previously enrolled (noted above) will be counted by the District beginning year two at The Lincoln Academy.
  • How do you find the right teachers for this school?
    The most important aspect of a school is hiring the right staff. At The Lincoln Academy, that means hiring staff who are mission aligned. They will believe that all children can learn, and it is up to them to make that happen. There is a rigorous hiring process to ensure talented staff who are aligned to the mission are hired.
  • Do teachers receive professional development?
    Consistent and frequent professional development is part of the educational model at The Lincoln Academy. It is expected that all staff participate in weekly professional development and have a desire to grow professionally. One of our mottos is, “We will never rest until our good is better and our better is best.”
  • How are teachers evaluated?
    Teachers are evaluated several times throughout the year through a process that aligns with the instructional coaching model we use. It is aligned to classroom environment, mastery of content and rigorous instruction. Scholar outcomes are looked at as part of the evaluation process.
  • Do teachers teach fundamentals that are applicable to life, not just teach to tests?
    Absolutely! The goal of The Lincoln Academy is to ensure that 100% of scholars graduate with the skills to either enroll in college, enlist in the armed forces or be employed in a living-wage job. We fully expect that all of our scholars will have the character and skills to live a quality, choice-filled life.
  • Do teachers have access to tools that really engage scholars?
    At The Lincoln Academy, teachers have some of the most advanced technological, artistic and scientific tools available to engage scholars.
  • Are teachers compensated competitively?
    Yes, teachers are compensated competitively. We also build in a bonus structure for teachers who continually meet their goals and go above and beyond. We celebrate teachers for the hard work they do.
  • Are teachers part of the State retirement system?
    No, as a charter school, teachers at The Lincoln Academy are not eligible to participate in the State retirement system. The Lincoln Academy has retirement plan options available to all staff.
  • Is there support staff?
    Yes, there is support staff based on the needs of the scholars who enroll at The Lincoln Academy. TLA has a school social worker, a school psychologist, an ESL teacher, educational assistants and special education teachers. We anticipate having a high school scheduler/counselor starting with the 2023-2024 school year.
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