The Lincoln Academy Ambassadors

Long before the first brick was laid, a group of local residents came together to start the incredible process of laying down the written framework that would become The Lincoln Academy.  


From the first charter application to school policy formation and community outreach, this group of men and women volunteered countless hours developing strategic plans with a collective goal of helping to enrich the lives of children through education.  


We thank them for their tenacity and determination in positioning The Lincoln Academy for success, and while their initial task is complete, they continue to be deeply committed to the vision of The Lincoln Academy by advocating for its success and thereby earning the well-deserved title of Ambassadors for The Lincoln Academy.



Pastor Sherrick Anderson

First Lady Lahoma Anderson

Gerry Behan 

Pastor Dannie Evans * 

Lisa Furseth * 

Rob Gerbitz 

Hagen Harker

Diane Hendricks *

Yvette Hereford  

Ana Jimenez

David McCoy *  

Tim McKevett  

Gaby Rojas

Mark Smith

Joe Stadelman *

J'Juan Winfield


*  Current TLA Governance Board member